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The Bible Trainer Series (Romans thru Jude)
e-Book-only $37
Dr. Timmy Tezeno

The Bible Trainer Series (Romans thru Jude) is an e-book like none other. It contains all the teachings of the apostles (21 epistles) in one book.

It is a powerful resource to use for teaching bible study, Sunday school, and for personal studies. If you desire a greater knowledge and a deeper understanding of God's word, this life changing e-book is for you.

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"The Bible Trainer Series (Romans thru Jude)"---The Ultimate Bible Study Teaching Manual--
Dr. Timmy Tezeno---$99

The Bible Trainer Series (Romans thru Jude) brings the Scriptures to light with the anointed prolific Bible teacher Dr. Timmy Tezeno. Whether you are a new convert or an advanced student of the Bible, "The Bible Trainer Series (Romans thru Jude) offers sound biblical teachings with the answers to how to apply the principles of Scripture to everyday life.

The Bible Trainer Series (Romans thru Jude) is an all in one manual. It is a commentary, a teaching manual, a manual to be used for personal studies, Sunday school classes and for bible studies. It presents the word of God accurately with simplicity, covering the entire 21 epistles of the apostles. The expository studies presented in this manual will increase your understanding and enable you to become more skillful in rightly dividing the word of truth.