“Oval Bible College has made me to know the word and to rightly divide the word in simplicity. It has equipped me with good counseling skills to counsel others.”
- Dr. Vuyo Dineka, South Africa

“As a former school Principal used to performing teacher evaluations, critiquing curriculums and lesson plans while continuing to pursue the Spirit of excellence in Education for my programs, I am extremely impressed with Oval Bible College. Out of all the Christian Education courses to include some seminaries, I am proud to say that Oval Bible College was among the best that I have ever had.”
- Dr. Delores Livingston, Chicago, IL.

“The bible courses are very informative and will improve your bible knowledge. It gives new insights. I am very satisfied with the Oval Bible College courses.”
- Dr. Hans Haeuser, Germany

"The Teachings of Jesus on the Mount course was a blessing. Dr. Tezeno, keep rightly dividing the word of truth."
- Keith

"This course on II Peter as well as all the other courses has been a blessing to me. I have learned a lot since I started Oval Bible College."
- Mary